a Swahili word for ‘marketplace’, and a global exchange platform for volunteers

A sokoni, or a marketplace, is in most cultures a space to connect, to share, to exert curiosity and look for novelty, to get to meet others, communicate, test ideas, and listen to the cacophony of sellers, buyers and passers-by.[1]

The SOKONI global exchange platform for volunteers was launched April 2020 and made available in 60 languages. SOKONI was launched as a place to share ideas in order to improve responses to COVID-19. The platform contains forums for discussion, and provides the ability to upload experience and gives access to important documents. It hosts the forum of discussion of the recently established BCP help desk of the IFRC and GDPC.

The SOKONI website is embedded in the Volunteering Development Platform (VODPLA)[2], which was created by the Americas Regional Office, through Volunteering and Youth Unit to support the priorities and needs of volunteers in the Americas.