Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

PMER is a project management[1] method similar to PRINCE2[2] and PMP[3] developed especially for programming in a humanitarian context.

The IFRC has extensive training material on PMER:[4]

Monitoring and Evaluation

Timely and reliable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) makes it possible to identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement in our work at national, regional and global level.

At IFRC, monitoring and evaluation is not just a principle, but a practice. We actively strive to build capacity throughout the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement with resources, trainings, and technical guidance and support:

  • Project/Programme Planning Guidance Manual Guidance and templates for project and programme planning at IFRC, incorporating a logical framework model to support reliable M&E.
    • Logical framework (“logframe”) template Used to summarize the logical sequence of a project or programme’s objectives and assumptions (risk factors), as well as the indicators and means to accountably monitor and assess performance.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Guide Guidance and templates to promote a common understanding and reliable practice of monitoring and evaluation for IFRC programme/projects.
    • An online training course based on this guide is available in English. Login to the IFRC’s Learning platform and then search for Monitoring. A short video is available describing the course.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Matrix used to define indicators, methods of measurement and specific M&E responsibilities and time frame.
    • Indicator Tracking Table Project/programme spreadsheet used to monitor and report on performance indicators from the logframe on a regular basis, with targets, actual, and % of actual identified for each indicator.
    • Project/Programme Report template A comprehensive reporting format linked to the Indicator Tracking Table, and including other key areas such as stakeholder feedback, situational analysis, financial status, and sustainability.
    • Sample Calculator There are numerous online sample calculators, such as[5] and[6].
    • Baseline Basics This overview guide is intended to support National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies and other IFRC project teams and stakeholders to conduct reliable and useful baseline studies that help better measure and deliver services to those in need.
  • Framework for Evaluations Guides how evaluations are planned, managed, conducted, and utilized in IFRC, ensuring that they adhere to the highest international and ethical standards and practices.
  • Evaluation database An internet archive of completed IFRC Secretariat-funded evaluations and related studies (i.e. baselines) for public viewing and transparency, as well as strategic planning and lesson sharing.
  • PMER Pocket Guide The purpose of this is to provide a user-friendly summary of key PMER concepts and practices for good PMER, based on the key elements of IFRC PMER guidelines …
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