Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network

The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) contributes towards global health security by combating the international spread of outbreaks, by ensuring that appropriate technical assistance reaches affected states rapidly, and by contributing to long-term epidemic preparedness and capacity building.[1][2]

WHO coordinates international outbreak response using resources from GOARN, which pools human and technical resources for rapid identification, confirmation and response to outbreaks of international importance. GOARN is a collaboration of existing institutions and networks, and during outbreaks, GOARN ensures that the right technical expertise and skills are where and when they are needed most.

GOARN manages the development of the Go.Data outbreak investigation tool for data collection during outbreaks and public health emergencies. The tool includes functionality for case investigation, contact tracing, visualisation of chains of transmission, and secure data exchange. It's easily configured and designed for any outbreak in any country and used in an on-line or off-line setting, designed to allow flexibility in the data collection for outbreak responders.[3][4]

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