(the) Federation-wide Databank and Reporting System

Citing the FAQ pages regarding the FDRS, on the IFRC website[1]:

What is FDRS?

The Federation-Wide Databank & Reporting System […] provides a single repository of key documents such as annual reports, audited accounts, and strategic plans. […] Each National Society is the owner and gatekeeper of its own data, […] and FDRS has designed this around seven key proxy indicators (KPIs) guided by Strategy 2020 and three key documents. […]

Coverage: To assess how much we do […].
Quality: To assess how well we do […].
Efficiency: To assess how we use resources […].
Impact: To assess how much difference we make […].
Compliance: To assess how suitably we function […].

What are the seven KPIs?

Number of people volunteering their time […].
Number of paid staff […].
Number of people donating blood […].
Number of local units […].
Total income received […].
Total expenditure […]

What are the three key documents?
Annual Report
Audited Financial Statement
Strategic Plan